So there is this app called Feature Points that gives you points by downloading apps and testing them! Then you can redeem the points for: itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards, paid apps, real money and even a Ipad mini!!!

This app works with apple devices and androids!

How to start: Go to on your smartphone to sign up, you can start with +50 points if you use this link —> to sign up OR you can use my referral code LUQLSZ if you don’t want to use the link. (really it will mean the world to me if you use my code :)

This app is 100% legit, if you aren’t sure about it you can do some research on google. I assure you, you won’t find any negative comments. also man people on tumblr who have earned a lot of money with Feature Points.

I’ve already redeemed about $50 worth of prizes and I’ve only been using this app for about a week. Also, if you use my referral code message me so I can follow you!

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